(GPL) Gulmit premier league

Gulmit Gojal during GPL.

Gulmit premier league was started in a small village of Pakistan named as Gulmit. It was started in 2009, held by gojal student federation (GSF). The team s made by the youth of Gulmit showed great interest in playing football. After the great success of the event held by gojal student federation (GSF) thy decided too carry the event forward for the feature.

In 2009, 2010, and 2012, a student federation named as gojal student federation continues to conduct the event. But in 2013 a registered sport club named as Gulmit young star (GYS) has conducts the event.

GPL was a lot of fun event for the young people as well as for the adults. The young people enjoyed the event by participating while the adult enjoyed the event by watching. The event has been conducted four times, and has got different champions. In 2009 the champion team was QULAH BAZ F.C GULMIT.

Team Qulah Baz

The second champions in 2010 were team NOYOFT ONDRA.

Team Noyoft Ondra

The third champion team in 2012 was team DISASTER BOYS GULMIT.gpl-12  And the champion team in 2013 was the team NOYOFT ONDRA again.

Noyoft ondra is the best team in the Gpl. The team has a record in the event for playing all four times final matches. The have won two of them and loss two matches.

The aim to conduct the event was to provide the young stars a better platform to show their skills, to get the young people out of abusive habits, such as use of drug.

During the series of matches we have experienced different expressions from the players as so many emotions and happy as well as angry out comes so the experience was so much meant not only by the players but the equal important part was coming from the public they were much enjoying the matches throughout without delay or break.

Player of Team Noyoft Ondra

The conclusion of the match was one of its kind and was the best ever of its kind. The match was appreciated by all and every one enjoyed the matches.