The drumbeat – A psychological analysis



Hunza Local Dance
Hunza Local Dance

“One good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain” Bob Marley

Music remained a major source to express ones inner feelings; through instruments, composition, performance, art, fine art, sounds or silence. It has never been a confused or controversial phenomenon as its in today’s world, especially among religious and scientific school of thought.

The sounds of drumbeat, guitar strings, flute, violin, harmonium etc. are considered to be musical instruments and source of music, which I feel is a partial approach. Confining music with few instruments and practice on specific occasions or area has made it controversial, I believe.

Elaborating the real soul, music exists everywhere in any shape. One can feel the joy of bird’s chirping, water flows, wind blowing, whistle, traditional, or modern instruments.

Silver jubilee band Gulmit
Silver jubilee band Gulmit

The religious school of thought has been using music and musical instruments as a source to preach and convey religious messages. Unfortunately, religiosity has played major part in restricting music, especially to the general mass; whether it’s Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc., every religion has an influence, direct or indirect. The denial approach from religious world has done great damage to music.

Despite every restriction, music has found its way to reach everyone’s heart and mind. Even the stern religiosity couldn’t stop its access among religious circles.

Undeniably it has been echoing in the high mountains of Goal valley and people of the area have been practicing music for so long, using various traditional instruments, compositions, or sounds.

It is believed that in good old day’s people of the area frequently used music and its instruments to cheer up or to celebrate any blissful occasion. Nowadays music has been restricted to wedding ceremonies, cultural events or any celebration of historical events/days having limited delineation in mind.


Unnoticeable the religious social and cultural constraints have done great damage to the people, especially to the youth of the area. Therefore, youth of the area have been looking for alternatives to celebrate moments of joy and happiness, which sometimes are unhealthy or unethical.

As some bad experiences surfaced during wedding ceremonies or cultural shows, but the drumbeat continues to slog people. One can still witness the hunger for dance moves or singing songs, apart from social or age restrictions. A layman even wants to express his inner within limited time; having in mind the notion that he will not get a second chance in the longer run, such behavior turns brutal sometimes.

Therefore frequent promotion of music at every stage or in any shape will help to normalize human behaviors in the longer run.